NeoPNP (Plug & Play Networking) server watches intranet and connects client PC without additional network configuration change, maintaining every aspect of server functions, such as web server, mail server, etc.. With NeoPNP, clients can be connected to internet once he powers up and plugs his PC to internet.

Regardless of OS, without rebooting or additional program download, NeoPNP connects clients to internet. This is transparent to clients !

Best fit for hotels, event halls, convention centers, etc.. and in whatever places where you expect expensive system administration service, NeoPNP can play a role of ISP without system administrator. You just set up NeoPNP and power up !

In addition, NeoPNP server includes DHCP server, NAT router, intranet and server security monitoring. Also, NeoPNP server is assigned DDNS client URL, and so monitored remotely 24 hours.

                NeoPNP Admin Page


1. Magic Networking

PC/NotePC can be connected once LAN cable is plugged in. NeoPNP does not require network configuration, rebooting, and installing additional program.

2. DHCP Server

With NeoPNP, there's no need for additional DHCP server at intranet. Intranet is physically separated from outer internet via NeoPNP, and can utilize full range of private IP.

3. NAT

You need not expensive dedicated lease line for ISP service. Just order one broadband service ! With NeoPNP's NAT functions, whole intranet can be connected to internet via NAT function.

4. Self-diagnostic & Alarm Funtion

NeoPNP server watches all demons by itself, and alarms in case of any abnormal behaviour.

5. Web-based System Administration & Redirection to Ad. Page

Via internet browser, NeoPNP server can be managed remotely. Furthermore, for advertisement, payment, or any other reason, all clients can be redirected to designated webpage.

6. Monitoring

Current intranet monitoring is provided. This shows how many PNP clients and DHCP clients are connected. Of course, log information of day, week, and monther is provided.

7. Stability

Already proven for more than 4 years in Korea and Japan. NeoPNP is installed at linux box, which is basically network machine, light, swift, and efficient. Once set up, NeoPNP server runs ever except blackout !


Language	C, Python, Bash Shell Script, PHP
OS		Linux(Redhat)
HW(minimum)	P-III CPU, 256M RAM, 100M NIC (2 recommended)
NeoPNP Admin Page


Hotels, Convention Rooms, Libraries, Schools, whatever places where many floating population is expected.


Q. Is there any program downloaded and installed to client PC/NotePC ?
A: No, not at all.

Q: Are there any situations where magic networking is not working ?
A: Under normal operation condition of NeoPNP server, such situation is quite rare and least probabile. Of course if NeoPNP server itself is not connected to internet, power failure, or if any client in intranet has exactly the same network configuration with NeoPNP server, you can not expect internet connection.

Q: Can PNP function be set on and off ?
A: With one mouse click, this is possible. Also, NeoPNP admin can redirect clients to ad. page, payment policy notice page, etc..

Q: How many simultaneous clients are allowed ?
A: The number of clients is not limited but your clients will complain if so many internet connections cause speed down.

Q: Any platform or OS dependency ?
A: Currently NeoPNP is integrated to server, so as to provide many additional functions. But as NeoPNP is our proprietary software, we can port to whatever OS or platforms per your request.

Q: Can NeoPNP server be utilized as web server ?
A: Of course !