While most people worry about intruders from outside internet, real threat for valuable enterprise information happens from inside. If you¡¯re Boss, you need this reverse intranet security monitoring and control !
Here comes complete intranet activity monitoring such as sending files via E-mail, website searching, P2P communication, printing, documentation, FTP¡¯ing somewhere, and so on¡¦. Isolation to guarantee blocking of internal information leak to exterior can be performed per each suspicious personnel, so that BossWare is complete reverse intranet security solution for Boss !


  • Reverse Proxying of Customer's Home Page
  • E-mail Monitoring
  • In/Out File Monitoring
  • Intranet Control
  • Internet Access Monitoring
  • Traffic Simulator
  • Server Security Check
  • Remote Management via DDNS
  • Etc..
BossWare Screen

⇒ BossWare E-mail monitoring screen
  • Sender/Receiver mail addresses
  • Subject
  • Attached files
  • Etc..
* To avoid privacy dispute, only attached files are recorded and saved.

BossWare Screen

Version Up Proposal

  • H/W N/W control by VLAN
  • Additional Transparency by LAN Bridging
  • Etc...