NeoVOD is dedicated for your intranet high resolution video, but not limited to intranet. Up to 50 clients with more than 1 Mbps high resolution video are tested from 1 integrated NeoVOD server consisting of streaming server plus contents management server. NeoVOD is best fit for enterprise broadcasting, video education, hotel VOD, small an dmedium scale theater, airplane, franchise shop advertisement, etc..

NeoVOD has equipped with dedicated integrated player, which integrated real player plus windows media player, so that virtually no restriction on any audio/video codecs.

NeoVOD's contents management server is yet another attractive feature. This covers almost every policy of payment as well as complete control of audio/video files, plus streaming servers' clustering.


  • Optimized 'No Buffering' Streaming
  • Content Security
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Scalability
  • One Package of Streaming and Management
  • Dedicated NeoVOD Player
  • Price Competitiveness
  • Remote Management via DDNS
  • Etc..

  • Large Scale VOD Site (WAN)
  • Apart-LAN (Cyber Residential Community) VOD
  • Hotel, Motel, Condominium
  • Enterprise Broadcasring or Employee Education
  • Small and Medium Scale Theater
  • School & Education Facilities
  • Airplanes & Cruiser
  • Franchise Shopfloor Advertisement


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