As broadband internet becomes popular, realtime internet broadcasting system is a must for franchise & private owned shops, factories, or even home. NeoVIS is for security monitoring, communication, entertainment, etc..

For example, remote shop floor management is possible regardless of time (remote recording) and place (remote monitoring) via NeoVIS, which stands for Neo's Video Station.

Also conventional karaoke shops are converted to full scale multimedia culture centers, and karaoke shops are no more just for singing, but can provide video chatting, remote audition, sing & song contest over internet, movie, etc...

E-commerce has another function with NeoVIS, a concept of Visual Interactive Shop. Suppliers and customers can communicate via video & audio so that benefits both from on & off line commerce are integrated to one stop solution. Customers can, instead of using conventional mail or phone, use remote PT/Z web camera to see the products and communicate with salesman directly at home.



  • Remote Controlled PT(Z) Camera
  • Dedicated STB with Wireless KeyB'd
  • Security Monitoring & Remote DVR
  • Integrated with NeoVOD
  • Automatic Motion Tracking (Option)
  • Etc..


  • Shop Floor Management & Monitoring
  • Internet Karaoke
  • Realtime Video Conferencing
  • E-commerce, Visual Interactive Shop

NeoVIS & Image Processing

Motion tracking and face recognition is another area of NeoVIS application, as these areas are closely related to security.