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In general the lifetime of concrete architecture is more than 100 years, but the term 'reconstruction' becomes more and more significant recently. Of course this is not because of physical limit of the structure, but because of the lack of social function of the structure catching up the diverse living culture.

As an alternative, we propose the remodeling of existing old residential complex to the first class 'super high speed telecommunication building', so that people can enjoy all kinds of today's entertainment, and finally the cyber community.

As a result, the purpose of this IT remodeling is the value enhancement of real estate according to the enhanced living culture from enhanced social function of the architecture.

NeoCabFixer provides clean and nice solution for both new & old buildings !

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Features ⇒ Super High Speed Telecommunication Building

  • Enabling the first class of 'Super High Speed Telecommunication Building
  • Optical fiber cabling (over 100Mbps) to realize most stable super high speed network for enhanced IT services
  • Local server to form cyber community, providing enterprise intranet solution to residential area
  • Local E-commerce, remote education, remote medicare service, etc... based on more 'credible' local information from more 'credible' neighbour (local community)
  • Home network & automation backbone setup ⇒ Integrated intelligent home automation connected to IP network, internet
  • Next generation intelligent cyber apartment

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