Thermostatic & Thermotex

Phase changes between liquid and solid requires latency heat absorption or emission, consequently provides t kind of hermal buffer. Most efficient & non-toxic PCM is water, which has very large latency heat between water and ice phase change, 80 cal/g°C (=about 336 J/g°C). As we all experience in our daily lives, ice cube or water is used to cool down or warm up for almost everything, but the problem is, we can not maintain the shape of water & ice cube. Photo Luminous Materials

Thermostaic is PCM invented by NASA, USA. This is PCM material in microcapsule, with almost half of water-ice pair latency ! Because Thermostatic is in microcapsule, semi-permanent usage is possible, and also diverse applications are possbile since of micro granulity.

Thermostatic & Thermotex


Thermostatic is PCM and shows cyclic behaviour according to external temperature. When it's hot above the setup temperature, it absorbs heat during liquefaction process. When it's cold below the setup temperature, it emits heat during solidification process. Thermal efficiency is amlost half of water-ice pair, so that you just can imagine minute ice cubes when in solid phase !

There are many setup temperatures, i.e., Thermostaic products, so as to select appropriate setup temperature product according to your application.
Thermostatic & Thermotex Thermostatic Operation Schematic

Product Application Temp. Range (°C) Setup Temp. (°C) Latency Heat
Thermostatic 122 46 ~ 56 50 160 J/g
Thermostatic 95 27 ~ 42 35 180 J/g
Thermostatic 83 22 ~ 35 28 186 J/g
Thermostatic 63 14 ~ 24 18 173 J/g
Thermostatic 43 1 ~ 11 6 163 J/g


This is a patent awarded product applying Thermstatic to fabrics, in combination of thin porous layer of membrane for so-called GoreTex effect. Resulting advanced functions in fabrics are collecively called as Thermotex.

Recommended applications will be uniforms requiring severe temperature conditions, either hot or cold, and of course sportware.

Thermostatic & Thermotex Thermostatic & Thermotex
Thermostatic & Thermotex